New digs, same vitriol/jealousy. Let what must be done, be done.


Dear City of Los Angeles,

Where Justice happens. Unless you're rich. Then do whatever.

You idiots. I don’t know how to put this, but you ignorant fucks need to start actually prosecuting celebrities when they break the law.

I know they’re famous and have money, but there are 11 million people in this city.


The rich, famous, and powerful make up an infinitesimal fraction of a percentage of the total population and we desperately need you to protect us from their gross stupidity and drunken rampages.

I'm so glad high school me isn't here to see this.

The police had to show up to put Britney Spears in an ambulance.

Shia Lebeouf blew through a red light, over turning his truck and permanently fucking up his hand, and nothing. He didn’t even have to do a breathalyzer.

"How old is that girl? 17? Disgusting. Does she have a younger sister?"

Roman Polanski, the child rapist, is chilling in his chalet in Switzerland (or is it Sweden) because you just now got around to trying to arrest and extradite him this year. What the fuck is taking so long? You caught him, now bring him in, and prosecute his tiny perverted ass.

What’s the problem? Is he overpowering all the marshals we’re sending? If that’s the case, send Justified. He’ll get this shit sorted out. Is Switzerland threatening action? Just remember, they’re Switzerland.

I keep hearing all this stuff about talks and negotiations. You know how the government doesn’t negotiate with terrorists? We should also not negotiate with child rapists and the sociopaths who would defend them.

A natural beauty.

And finally, we come to Lindsay Lohan. She left the country, lied about her passport, either losing it or not being able to get one, violated all of the rules of her parole, aaaaaaand nothing. She has to wear a bracelet that lets you know she has toxins in her system. But wait, she had dental work done, and was issued extremely powerful painkillers, so she got around that, and then the bracelet went off FIVE times after the MTV movie awards, and I bet you nutless needle dicks don’t do shit.

The worst part? The worst part is she used to look like this:


Now she looks like this:

I got some of that guy's grease on me from just looking at the picture.

She looks like her old self got possessed by the Devil. Cthulhu is psychically feeding on her soul.




I'll say this for him: he's honest. He doesn't care that he's a dick or about hiding it.

Dear Kobe,

What are you going to do if you win the championship?


Dear Matt,

I’m going to rape some more women and get away with it, again.


We get it; you're your favorite teammate.

Dear Kobe,

Jesus Christ.

What if you lose?


Aw, now I feel bad.

Dear Matt,

Rape. But not out of joy.

Fly till I Die,

Hey, Big Guy, we're going to need you to go Old Testament on some people. I have a list.

Dear God,

How is Kobe successful despite being a toxic human being?

Yours in Christ,

Dear Matt,

Yeah, I bailed around the time the Crusades really got going.

Why, what’s up?

As-Salam Alaykum,

It's a bird! It's a plane! NO. It's God!

Dear God,

Yeah, we fucked shit right up.

Penitently Yours,


Loman, out.



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  1. Seriously, God, we put the Jersey Shore on tv. We simply can’t be trusted.

  2. During last night’s NBA game the crowd started chanting “NO MEANS NO” when Kobe was at the line in the 4th quarter. Should he give up and become a boxer, the ultimate prison sport or would that spoil his pretty rape face?

  3. theyre all scum and so are the people who let them get away with it
    may they all suffer endless arse-impalement in the afterlife

    there is 1 set of laws for the rich and another set for everyone else

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