Baby, Set Down the Controller – Understanding Olivia Munn’s Cult

Girls play videogames. I get this. There have been plenty of Maxim features on buxom young actresses and singers that casually mention their interests in videogames.

"I wish more nerdy guys would talk to me"

Put an interview quote about her playing Halo over this and that's a Maxim shoot.

But good lord, geeks have been doomed ever since every girl aspiring for fame realized they can leap Hollywood mountains by adopting the personality of a gamer/geek girl.

Think of that young hipster you know who wears glasses but doesn’t need a prescription? Many of us carried the geek/nerd shame as a horrible burden for their adolescent lives. Now the world’s beautiful and sleek are rocking those habits without the crippling years of insecurities built into their psyche.

With our good looks and smarts, the world can't hold us back

Stop it. You don't read Terry Pratchett novels.

Now when I go online to play videogames, it’s no longer just my awkward kin and little kids. I have to put up with this:

Night vision goggles for night murderin'


I love Ice-T, but he would’ve kicked my ass if we were both in middle school. He would’ve been taking V-Cards while I got all 151 Pokemon. I used to play video games to escape the persecution of alpha males when I was younger; now they’re kicking my ass online.

VGCats. They rarely update.

I just searched “frat guy Call of Duty” on Google. Why did it come up with nothing but gay porn?

We’re getting off track. That might be due to all the Call of Duty porn I’ve been looking up for the past fifteen minutes.

We’re here to talk about Olivia Munn and the ladies of G4.

She killed that zebra

Already Munn’s charisma aura is making me feel bad for attacking her. She’s attractive and works in an industry I love. I feel like I could talk to her about the Starcraft 2 Beta for a good ten minutes before she’d get bored. But that shouldn’t be enough to warrant an internet cult towards her.

Munn spent the past few months teasing that she had a big role in Iron Man 2.

Spoiler: She was a news correspondent for ten seconds of the movie.
So she basically flooded every media channel I have with speculation. This cut into my webcomic time. Strike one, Olivia.

stepping the nerd up a notch

Stop it. That’s not going to work. For reals.

Why do we as geeks entertain these people so desperate for stardom that they’re playing on our impulses the way Limbaugh has with neo-conservatives for years?

We should know that most of this stuff is an illusion. Fabio didn’t really like older women and butter, Andy Kaufman didn’t really think he was better than anyone else, and these three models aren’t really enjoying that Xbox (at least not untl they plug it in).


maybe there's a second Xbox plugged in off screen

It’s all an illusion. I think we forget that sometimes.

Morgan Webb paved the way by being a somewhat attractive girl on the same channel. So Webb starts doing Maxim shoots, gets touted as a “dream girl”, and is soon infallible in the geek sphere for a good year or so before the inevitable backlash (one that will eventually come back against Oliva Munn. Not because of this post in any way, the internet is just a cruel, fickle mistress).

there's a decent amount of touch-up going on here.

No one sits on chairs like that, Morgan

See how this works? I’m writing a post about how these personalities are bad for us geeks mostly so I can look up pictures of them in skimpy outfits. Try as I may to break free from the system, I am still in The Matrix.

At least Webb seems familiar with games. But at some point G4 decided showing reruns of Cheaters was a good idea for their brand.

What’s the supernatural attraction to a girl shoving the fact she likes videogames down your throat. It’s great to share interests with whoever you’re bumping uglies with, but I do not want to have sex with Link.

this isn't helping Link break his feminine reputation

someone made a Hyrule replica sword for stripping.

It’s a smart career choice for these ladies; they saw a power vacuum and filled it. It would be a great move for me to get all chiseled and sexy and find a gig hosting on Lifetime. I can talk briefly on topics such as Tyra Banks, kidnapped children or movies where abused wives tell people they fell down the stairs to cover black eyes.

The twist of this poster is they're all dead.

I didn't know having a husband stationed overseas in a war built on a lie was so much fun.

Munn recently had a guest spot on The Daily Show and of course the internet soon began crying for her to be a regular correspondent. This was when I decided to speak out. I long ago decided that videogame journalism was a deadman’s land of mostly shock jocks and boob ads.

Let’s just be honest; girls like Munn want nothing to do with gamers.

That is the internet. That is the appropriate response by Munn to guys like that. That is 90% of her fan base. She does not want to date that.

How can things be fixed? Kari Byron did things right. A regular member of the Mythbusters Build Team, Byron got on the show by already working for Jamie Hyneman’s company. She just happened to be cute and be ok with letting the team make plaster molds of her butt. The internet still regards her as a class act to this day because she never went straight to sexy-girl. THAT’S how you rock the nerdy girl fantasy to game.

Yeah baby...freeze those cans...with my penis. I don't know.

Maybe I spoke too soon.


I used to write and work for an indie videogame review site in college called GameZombie. In its early time, it was a bunch of guys just trying to review games and interview industry folks. It was fun and unpaid. Then it went in a bad direction: GAMER GURLZ.

The above video was an example of the direction GZ wanted to take: hot girls doing all the on-camera work while we gamers slaved in the editing mines.

My game reviews were to be read by actresses around campus.

The above video is that idea. It was also our highest viewed video for a good year.

So I left the site and have felt anger towards it ever since. If you want, bad videos of me reviewing games like Halo 3 are probably still around the site. Thanks for giving me a chance, GameZombie. Then thanks for putting nerd boners first.

If you don’t feel bad for me on this one, let me add that we began talks before I left to work Mountain Dew product placement into our videos. We had a thousand subscribers at the time.

In review: It’s awesome when both genders can enjoy something together like videogames and then get sexy together. You can be an awesome nerdy girl and win over any dude you want. Just don’t overdo it. That be powerful magic shit you deal with.



girls in third-world countries have to use this for clothing

See, I'd just be worried about moisture damage to those systems


Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin?


shes not even holding the guitar right. GEEZ.

WRONG. But I bet she’s a nice person.

her fat looks like the mouth of Audrey II

I’m sorry, Matt. I know this hurts you too.

– Chad

[Update: We’re going to do another look on this topic next week. If you want to submit a few good female gamers you think we overlook, you can do so on this linked post. We’d love to be educated by you, wise internet sages.]


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  1. masterodisaster

    Fabio didn’t like butter, asshole, he liked butter substitute

  2. Maybe you’re gay? I like hot chicks telling me about video games etc. It’s not about who reviews them it’s about who plays them. As long as the medium level of games to me stay good then it’s all fun. Bring on more boobs etc.

    • Francis Bacon

      I doubt he’s gay, but it does sound like you’re part of the XBox Live generation, you pudgy little monkey fuck.

      Dear god, get someone to review games who plays games. If I want to see attractive women I’ll go to a porn site.

      • This is no different than exploiting any other demographic. You see similar things in paintball or any other activity where the participants are predominantly single men who don’t get laid much.

        It’s degrading to the women, insulting to the gamers, and is setting feminism back twenty years.

    • Does being that stupid hurt?

  3. Before I ever heard of Olivia Munn I heard her discussed on my favorite radio show The Best Show on WFMU with Tom Scharpling (check out the podcast). Here’s a recap of what Tom said from

    He was horrified by an online video clip of Munn pulling a ruse at some dumb video gaming conference. Munn approached two nerds who were minding their own business at a game console and pretended to be interested in them as potential lovemaking partners. While Munn is a total knockout w/r/t physical appearance, she also thinks she is one of the funniest people on Earth. Tom knows that attractive ladies can be funny, but in this case, Munn mistook being mean for being funny — the hallmark of The Unfunny Person. She teased the nerds with faux advances, but they didn’t fall into her “comedic” trap. The nerds smelled a rat because they are acutely aware of their life scoreboards. Munn then pretended to be annoyed that they weren’t receptive to her insincere flirtations. Tom gives a thumbs down to the monster and throws her into the Hate Pit slot vacated by Mickey Dolenz.

  4. Yeah same thing happened with guitars. It sucks, but it makes it easier to distinguish the good (brands) from the bad.

    One of the worst offenders:

  5. Chad (ironic name?),

    I completely and utterly agree with everything you said. I’m so glad to read I am not the only male who is sick and tired of “gamer culture” and this buzzy, superficial marketing BS. I’m sick of gaming girls and I’m sick of our demographic being painted as sexist, fat, socially inept man-babies who fantasize about super models playing Modern Warfare with us. It sells the medium short and it reflects poorly on everyone- the actresses, the media, and us for eating it all up.

    Despite “Bro’s” obvious trolling, I see similar responses to posts such as this every time they surface. How is anything ever going to change when our peers are intent on maintaining the status quo?

    • quandtumtheory

      No, Pride. I was just born with a douchebag name. I’ll take that question as a compliment.

      There will always be a mainstream to annoy those more on the fringe. Gaming’s in an awkward state where the fringe interests are becoming popular culture. These next few years will be really interesting for who are spokespeople are.

  6. Please girls! If you’re going to play video games (OBVIOUSLY MY DOMAIN AS A LOSER WHITE MALE), do it from a cocoon so I am not reminded of your femininity! I am threatened by all evidence that you are a girl! This gamer “culture” I disgustingly identify with and in fact write thousands of words about will not abide the presence of people with actual lives! This goes to you too, “bros!” NO ONE WITH FRIENDS ALLOWED ON MY XBOX LIVE.


    • Way to completely miss the point. Girls who play games are fine. They’re like us, we’ve got no problem with them. We just hate girls who pretend to play games in order to get money/attention.

      Also, to the author of this blog: I dunno if this is Wodpress’s fault or yours, but requiring an email address is a douche move. Not everyone even uses email anymore, and having to enter a valid one on the off chance that it’ll send a verification thing is just an annoyance, especially when I can’t use any of my main accounts because I’m trying to comment anonymously. If you’re worried about spam, just use a captcha. Email is obsolete, get rid of this crap if you can.

  7. ParalysedBeaver

    Olivia had a bigger part in Iron Man 2, but it ended up on the cutting room floor. So they went and gave her a new, smaller character, and filmed it.

  8. Whenever this topic comes up it usually seems to trend towards either righteous indignation or spiteful trolling. Kudos for managing to not cater to either extreme. Still, keep in mind that vidya gaems are still kinda considered a more childish pastime as opposed to “high art” like painting or singing or something like that. And this medium ends up attracting those who don’t seem to know how to deal with women outside of the gaming world, especially when not directly catering to their interests.

    Some women exploit that, and give in to The Machine for the sake of money/career advancement. To be honest, I can’t quite blame them for taking the money, though if they are truly suppressing their real personality for the sake of trying to appear cool then that is another story. Others simply try to join the game on their level, and if they dare reveal part of their true self have to face comments like “oh, do I hear a whiny vagina?” (actually heard it during one CS:S match I played) from the audience who instead of trying to treat them as another player, feels threatened by the mysterious and unknown “girl” at the other end. I’m not sure what the exact solution is, but I think that it’ll happen when video gaming as a whole becomes more serious…or at the very least, more respected than as it currently exists.

    PS: I could link to a Cracked article or two that talked about this, but dammit I’d like to try to come up with an example that isn’t derived from another person’s work.

  9. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with gamer girls shakin’ what they got. It’s no different than any other type of girl with a marketing quirk shakin’ her stuff. The only difference is it’s sort of new in the gaming world.

    I think you should include more pictures in your article of naked men with Wii controllers covering their wees. Get it!

  10. bubonic platypus

    I agree with this article, and surprise surprise, I’m a “girl gamer.” The use of models who are only there for marketing is degrading to those of us that truly enjoy the games, and those chicks who are not looking to go on a power trip with what the outside world views as desperate lonely nerds. It makes guys look down on us, and just drags more bro gamers in, who I personally can’t stand. I got into gaming to escape the whole “females have to be gorgeous, size 6 models with perfect tans to make it anywhere in life” and I find it sad seeing it making its way into gaming.I On a side note, it has never been issue with the guys I game with, and also want to point out there’s a lot more of the quiet girl who play for fun and not ego than a lot of guys think, especially on TF2 and WoW.

  11. Cry more neckbeard. Some of us are hardcore geeks but actually matured at some point and figured out that dressing well is like finding a skip level whistle. Why is it that you think gamers should be bad at the one game that matters? Sorry, but there’s no sign at the entrance to the awesome fun that being geek-minded brings that says “you must smell this much to ride”.

    • Assus Kickius

      good point, but not everyone has a “can’t beat them, join them” mentality. I mean, why should I put on a Polo and shave my neck if I don’t want to? I think the author is lamenting the fact that popular culture, the culture that probably ridiculed his clothing and hygiene decisions most of his life, is now spilling into the Gamer’s world, in which he previously found a safe haven from that pop culture he rejected. furthermore, the approach taken towards the gaming world by Big Marketing is reinforcing the popular belief that gamers are “loser dorks”, while simultaneously trying to appeal to them. I think he’s just upset that when you start to pick it apart, it’s a pretty deceitful and weird form of human interaction. That said, the whole point is null because you can pick apart ANY facet of capitalism and find the very same essential issues lying at the heart.

  12. Aisha Tyler. Look her up.

  13. bubonic platypus

    I agree with this article, and surprise surprise, I’m a “girl gamer.” The use of models who are only there for marketing is degrading to those of us that truly enjoy the games, and those chicks who are not looking to go on a power trip with what the outside world views as “desperate lonely nerds.” It makes guys look down on us, and just drags more bro gamers in, who I personally can’t stand. I got into gaming for the fun, and as I grown older it’s become an escape the whole “females have to be gorgeous, size 6 models with perfect tans to make it anywhere in life ” perception. I find it sad seeing that make its making its way into gaming, although I guess I understand why, now that’s become a more mainstream thing. On a side note, it has never been issue with the guys I game with, and also want to point out there’s a lot more of the quiet girls who play for fun and not ego than a lot of guys think, especially with TF2, WoW, and SSBB.

  14. why are you such a smarmy fuck? games are for everyone you tard

    • replyingtostupid

      ….and you just proved eloquence isn’t.

      • He made his point in very few words. I think that’s the definition of eloquence. Now as for the sperglord who wrote this dumb article…

    • Games are (or should be) for people who actually enjoy playing them, not for people who pretend to enjoy playing them in order to advance their careers.

  15. I was a gamer when it was still in the domain of nerds. I played Quakeworld Clan Arena nearly every day during my High School years.

  16. KdWthTheGldnArm

    I have a lot of problems with this article. The whole hipster geek-chic thing I agree with. Irony seems to be a fashion these days. From there on though you just sound bitter that cool people who can actually get laid have invaded your sanctuary (gaming) and said people don’t want to have sex with you.

    People play games because they’re fun not just because they’re socially awkward nerds. I have two friends, one male one female, that dress like hipster douchebags but are actually really cool. They both wears glasses that aren’t real glasses (something that my others friends and I never let them live down) even though my male friend actually has real glasses! He just like looking like Elvis Costello for some reason. Ugh. Anyway, these two are real gamers and have been way before it was trendy.

    With that said guys are guys. We like hot girls and any girl with an interest in the things we like makes her that much hotter. Gaming, sports, cars whatever. It’s nice when you have something in common with a chick besides the obvious desire to bone. Whether you’re a gamer or not, finding a chick that you can relate to can be difficult. It’s just that much harder for nerds.

  17. I am generally with you on the pseudo-gamer-chick thing. As a general rule, I am not down with sexualization of women in totally non-sexual contexts. The trouble with this comes in drawing the line between hot chicks getting roles in video game media cuz they are hot chicks, and gamers who happen to be girls and don’t want to be discriminated against because they are too cute looking.

    As for bros who want brotastic video games, I am all for that. It is nice for the self-identified socially inept to have a comfort zone, but you can’t attribute social qualities to a technology. Video gaming is a medium that is pretty widely applicable and shouldn’t be limited to one social group’s interests.

    But I am appreciative of this article in general.

  18. It’s official guys and gals, we’re just going to post exclusively about Olivia Munn from now on.

    – Chad

  19. Maybe you,re forgetting that most models would not want to date 90% (conservatively) of their fanbase? ;)

  20. Great write up dude.
    I couldnt agree with you more.
    While they are a delight to look at, like all attractive girls, they are getting their ride to stardom on the back of us geeks, nerds, gamers, and comic collectors.
    Those like Munn, who I see do this, I dont find attractive at all. No matter how much they take off, or how much XP they rack up on WOW…Fuckem…

  21. You’re not the only demographic that gets pissed off by this. Regular girls – and women – who like playing games are also alienated. Guess what, we don’t all sit there in designer underwear alternately using the controller to kill stuff and then rubbing it all over our crotch. We don’t necessarily mind the use of sexualised women in games, because we appreciate the developers want to make money, but when every female character is some kind of soft porn fantasy it can get a little tiresome.

    And presenting “hot female gamers” in this way doesn’t really broaden the appeal of gaming to regular women. It’s as though even as a gamer, you still have to be a sex object. That’s your role. You can use the controller, so long as you have a few cables draped around your panties and your push-up bra is exposed. Fuck that, seriously.

    One thing I do admire is casual game developers: they’ve realised their demographic (particularly for genres like jewel-matching and hidden-object) is predominantly female, and often quite older females, and they’re designing games for that. There was even one that featured a nice old grandmother in the lead role. And they don’t try to promote these games selling slut-clad males or females. Regular games, for regular people. With maybe a bit of romance and magic, because games are about escapism. Not solely about sex.

  22. It’ll run it’s course eventually. Men will come back in style, too. Just might take another 5 to 10 years or more. Women are in style right now but their 15 minutes will come to an end. These things tend to swing back and forth like a penduluum. Even the idiots will eventually figure out what is going on.

  23. I do have one more thing to say. If you dont’ like it, stop watching it. Tell your friends that you aren’t watch it either. That’s how movements happen. It doesn’t have to be a movement, just casually mention that you don’t think Olivia Munn is cool or that gamer chicks who pose in magazines are cool. Just ignore it because when you give it your time and attention, that’s how these companies make money. Promote real gamers that have real opinions. Make it known that you won’t watch or give any of your attention span to fake gamers who pretend to like stuff just to get famous…people like Olivia Munn.

    • quandtumtheory

      Agree with not subscribing to things you don’t enjoy. That’s just common sense. But when you refer to telling others about your opinion….that’s exactly what we’re doing with this blog (with a humor slant).

  24. I gotta say, I actually really like Olivia Munn. I’ve heard her name in circles and seen her mentioned on forums and never knew who the hell she was until I watched G4 this week. I really enjoyed her E3 coverage. Yeah she’s exotically beautiful (what a bitch) charming, and dryly funny. I never felt she was being ‘mean’. Is she at times making fun of gamers? Uh, yeah! I’m a gamer and I make fun of myself. Come on.

    Do I think she is immersed in every aspect of the gaming world? No. She probably has a lot more to do with her life than game all day. She knows enough to carry on a conversation about gaming, which is more than 99% of women I know. I think Morgan (also attractive) is much more of a true gamer (and adds more true value to G4), but I don’t think that makes Olivia bad at her job. Not sure why she was targeted for this piece. So she uses the label gamer girl to get her foot in the door somewhere. So what?

  25. I am a man, i like hot chicks. I am a man, i like t@ts. Now how is that so hard for you to understand?.

  26. Get over yourself. So, you didn’t win the lottery when it came to genetics, big deal.

    I love the people who claim a hobby or activity as their own and refuse to accept the fact that others outside their social strata also enjoy it.

    • You don’t get it. They’re not real. All those gamer girls are just “Cam Whores”, they can get lots of attention by pretending to be interested in gaming. That’s where all the guys are, the last place left where women leave us alone. Women are very insecure and constantly need to be admired and told they’re “hot”, gaming is mostly guys so that’s where they go, they pretend to be interested in games.

  27. It’s a little hard to understand how awesome this article is. I totally get it, but I’m sensing many others don’t and you are all very unfortunate not to.

    Perhaps Chad if you showed more instances of ‘Doing it Right’ other gamers would clue in more.

    • quandtumtheory

      A valid suggestion. A few of the commenters here have dropped some valid names. Aisha Tyler, as bobo said above, has worked Xbox jokes into her standup and she’s got a strong sense for comedy.

      Is Felecia Day a good example of this? She seems to tread into wary territory (Do You Wanna Date My Avatar music video), but also seems legitimately interested in this industry.

    • Oh I ‘get it’. I’m just not going to pretend Olivia offends me because I’m a ‘real’ gamer.

      While to some degree I agree with the article, I also think there is a huge hypocrisy at it’s core. There is a reason the booth babes are still prevalent at E3 and pretty much every major tech conference, and it’s not because they are exploiting gamers.

      We’ll see if Munn continues on the Daily Show and makes an exit from the gaming media. I do think she has more brains than she’s getting credit for here.

  28. AKissFromDaddy

    I enjoyed reading this. I get it.

  29. Hot geeks are awesome.

  30. I like how you create an entire post bitching about hot chicks selling/promoting video games, then post an unflattering nasty picture of a woman who probably actually plays a lot of video games and make a snide comment about her. You probably don’t see the irony at all, and that is funny to me.

  31. I just cant wait until hot chicks are used in adds and articles about Warhammer 40 000. Not even the horniest nerd could be fooled by that.

  32. I watch G4 occasionally and Morgan Webb seems to know her sh*t. Munn on other hand is just retarded eye candy, nip slips and swallowing hot dogs.

  33. I am a gamer girl. I am 5’0″. I have a nice rack and am about 20 lbs overweight, have long hair, a curvy ass, and I’m told I’m not bad-looking. I’m an ok hack at the Left 4 Dead games and Rock Band Bass. I live, breathe, and mod ES4: Oblivion. I dabble in Magic: the Gathering. I like Peggle. I like xbox achievements. I met my current bf in my Computer Science college course. I am the mildly attractive gamer who isn’t taken seriously beccause of her looks. Knock it off guys and give a girl a chance to play with you before you decide whether she’s a hypocrite or not.

    • seriously. look at how you describe yourself no fucking wonder guys don’t take you seriously. I am a gamer. Who happens to be female. Period. No remarks on my looks, gameplay, nothing to be an attention whore like you. Seriously sometimes I think girls are more to blame than men.

  34. Dork outrage always equals hilarity. If you don’t like hot chicks to get famous by pretending to like gaming, then stop pleasuring yourself to every slut licking a joystick. Companies pay these women money because, in spite of your self-righteousness, your penis makes ALL the decisions for you.
    I love how every geek thinks he’s the “gatekeeper” of a genre. Fu&$#k off. Your genre may be popular now, but YOU are still a worthless shithead. Now go kill yourself.

  35. Dork outrage always equals hilarity. If you don’t like hot chicks to get famous by pretending to like gaming, then stop pleasuring yourself to every ho licking a joystick. Companies pay these women money because, in spite of your self-righteousness, your penis makes ALL the decisions for you.
    I love how every geek thinks he’s the “gatekeeper” of a genre. Your genre may be popular now, but YOU are still a worthless psychopath. Now go kill yourself.

    And to all the “gamer girls” who feel threatened or demeaned by the hot talking heads on the gamer channels, you too can jump off a building. You are playing video games that often portray females like demented and jiggly blow-up dolls.
    In fact, one of the largest female gaming clubs is called “Frag Dolls”.
    You beacons of feminism you.

  36. Are you kidding? Are you? Seriously, are you? What’s your REAL problem? Don’t OVERDO it? And just how do you define overdoing it? Please. Please give me exact specifics, won’t you? And make sure you tell me just why you’re using this stringent method of measurement to define “right” and “wrong”. I’m sure, being an intelligent gamer (look at me using stereotypes too!) you’ll be able to spell it out in logical proof format or some equivalent.

    Now, I just so happen to be one of those model/actress/comedienne/designer/gamers, and I’m married to a beautiful actor/comedian/gamer too. What’s wrong with a model posing with game gear, even if it’s not plugged in? It’s a PHOTOGRAPH. It’s art. Just because we’re pretty with healthy bodies doesn’t mean we don’t still get just as into blowing your virtual brains out. And it doesn’t mean we’re fame whores like Gaga. And you label us as wrong? :P Jeez, thanks for all your judgment. I don’t mean to sound angry, but you are basically slapping these in my face for no good reason, I feel.

    Whatever, I can accept that you exist. I just hope you open up your mind, accept your shadow, and accept others. Namaste.

    • Well if the picture is trying to make a subtle statement that hot gamer girls aren’t actually gamers and that they’re just exploiting the gaming audience as a way to increase their bank balances then yes, it’s a great artistic piece!

      I think they were just lazy and/or stupid though.

      In general I agree with some of the article but little things bug me.

      Calling gaming a sort of haven from the big boys in school is too personal to make it an actual reason. I didn’t get bullied at school, I played games because I enjoy playing games. Yeah I didn’t exactly play for the local football (soccer) team past the age of 11 but I wasn’t a completely typical nerd.

      In my opinion, these uber nerds are just as bad as the hot ‘gamer’ girls. They too influence the image of gamers, albeit in a negative way, which makes non-nerds look bad if we admit playing games to people. Hot gamer girls just reinforce how sad and pathetic gamers already are (public opinion) because they are propelled into stardom by a bunch of horny nerds even though they have little to no talent. But then again, most hot TV presenters are just presenters… hot gamer girls are the same hot TV presenters but they exploited the nerdiness of gaming to give themselves a leg-up into the industry. Munn probably did all this gaming stuff to get into the mainstream media, I think she’ll transition into the mainstream as soon as she has the chance.

      Back to the safe haven for social rejects in school thing, think of it another way. Instead of the bros kicking your asses online too, maybe you will kick their asses… maybe they’ll start to be interested in the gaming chat you have with your other nerd friends. Maybe games will become mainstream and your love for them will make you the alpha gaming male. Yeah it’s optimistic, but calling gaming a safe haven for society’s losers is disrespectful to the industry and won’t change anything.

      • If he’s trying to make an artistic piece here, I’m just not sure what the point is. I don’t think we should be labeling ANYONE as bad, okay? It just seems so… vitriolic. No one is “bad”- whether you’re a “nerd” or a “hot gamer girl”. They’re all ultimately just insignificant labels. Imo, everyone is a perfect child of God.

        And as for exploiting bank balances- I hate to reference them again, but honestly it fits: “I’ve got some advice for you, little buddy. Before you point your finger, you should know that I’m the Man- if I’m the fuckin’ Man then you’re the fuckin’ Man as well, so you can point that fuckin’ finger up your ass. All you know about me is what I’ve sold you, dumb fuck. I sold out long before you ever even heard my name. I sold my soul to make a record, dip shit, and you bought one. All you read and wear or see and hear on TV is a product begging for your fatass dirty dollar. So… shut up and buy my new record. Send more money. Fuck you, buddy.”

        We’re all the Man. We all exploit. No reason to single out and label people or point fingers. Because you can just go ahead and point it at yourself if that’s what you want.

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