Dumbledore is a Dick

If you read the Harry Potter series, you know four things:

1)   Those first three books totally wrote in a subtle Harry/Hermoine romance plot that was eventually upended by the Ron/Hermoine love story that now fills erotic fanfiction sites everywhere

2)   Harry should’ve been killed off two books in, allowing the series to become Ron Weasley and His Amazing Adventures.

3) There’s a reason why this poster was placed around LA five times more than any of the other Half-Blood Prince ones.

God damn it.

4)   Dumbledore was a dick. Oh he was great to Harry and his friends, but if you were any other kid at that school, you were neglected. I’m not talking about fighting the Dark Lord here. I’m talking about these children’s education. Imagine having to spend your young days, THE BEST DAYS OF YOUR LIFE NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE SAYS AND THAT TIME THAT GIRL LET YOU FEEL HER UP BEHIND THE BUSHES DURING THE YULE BALL WAS AMAZING, trying to educate yourself with constant interruptions by the faculty because Harry got a gold star for that day.

Watch, and understand my point.

And yes, I know Dumbledore is just wearing a rain poncho. What do you want from me? It was college and we had $10 in our budget.


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Created by Chad Quandt and Matt Loman Lonely. Online. Angry due to being online and lonely.

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