This Exists: Toy Story 3 “Fumbling in the Toybox”

Kinda romantic until you notice Woody is untying Bo Peep’s blouse. These poor soulless beings are going to be so disappointed in a few minutes when they realize their being controlled by primal urges to use genitals they don’t have.

Art credit goes to lily-fox. Part of her description on the piece:

Shenanigans in the non-anthropomorphicable* toy chest! Let’s assume they left their hats outside the chest so the other toys know not to come a-knockin’. My first PG-13 Toy Story piece. Oh, you knew it was gonna happen. Surely it won’t be the last outta me.

I liked that Bo Peep was no shy violet. Peep gets what Peep wants, so you better kick them boots off, Woody, and get to the makin’ out. Yeees, I know she’s unlatching his belt, but I hope it doesn’t need to be said that they’re not getting past second base. All that’s under there is cotton stuffing.

I’ll be in the bathroom.

Chad Quandt is Analogy Editor for Nonstop Karate

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