Nolan North’s Master Work in “Resonance of Fate”

Remember that year when Julia Roberts was in every single movie? When you saw the trailer for “The Mexican” and said to yourself, “Another one? When do you sleep, Julia?”. That’s how Nolan North has operated in the videogame industry for the past few years. The dude’s a voice acting god. The dude’s been Nathan Drake, Desmond and The Prince.

This should not be seen as a critique of Nolan. Voice recording often puts the actor in a position with little context for the scene, no visuals to go off of, and no other actors for context. When working with North for an upcoming game, he showed me this title. He is not ashamed. Well he isn’t proud of it, but he won’t write to me because I posted it.


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  1. Oh yeah, Resonance of Fate, I’ve gotta finish that game at some point.

    But yeah, Nolan North has been a prolific voice actor in the world of video games, everything from Nathan Drake to Vashyron in that clip on the post.

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