Matt Reacts to Comic Con

For those of you keeping track at home, while Chad was in San Diego last weekend, ogling Leias, getting swag, and putting the whole system on trial, I was at work hitting refresh every ten seconds waiting for news on, well, anything.

Now that we’re a few days removed, a lot of the stuff that people waited in lines for hours for is now on the internet where I can watch it in my underwear.

The New Tron Trailer –
LIGHT X-WINGS. We don’t have speakers on the computer at work, so the first 90 times I saw this trailer it was completely without sound, and I was wondering why everyone was coming down on de-aged Jeff Bridges. Then I watched it with sound, and I sort of get it, because the mouth is slightly off, but A.) it’s coming out in December, so they’ve got time B.) it’s Disney; they have Pixar at their disposal. I think it’ll get taken care of, and take care of well C.) if worse comes to worse, I’m already conditioning myself to accept that since CLU is a computer program, so he’d look a bit off from actual humanity.

After Avatar, I was over paying extra for IMAX and 3D, but they’ve got my money for this already. All I ask is that they limit the angst to the bare minimum, and what is up with that dude’s voice? Should someone that young have a voice that gravelly? Shouldn’t he be earnest and not brimming with gravitas?

Everyone on the Internet and all my Friends in Real Life Climaxing over Scott Pilgrim – everyone keeps telling me to not worry about Cera playing the exact same character he always does. Which, is a fair concern, considering I thought everyone else was spot-on casting wise except for him, but honestly, at this point, there’s no way it’s going to live up to the hype for me personally.

Which is why that weekend I’ll be at the Expendables.


Green Lantern – Green Lantern and Captain America are my two favorite superheroes.

And I know what you’re thinking, “but Matt! You’re super handsome and you literally can’t go thirty seconds without talking about Batman. Or Predators.” That’s a fair point, and Batman is also a favorite of mine, but he’s a favorite of mine like the Beatles is my favorite band. The Beatles are 98% of the entire world’s favorite band and when you talk about your favorite band, everyone is already filling in in their heads that you already like the Beatles. Or the Stones. Whatever.

The point is, Batman (and Spider-Man) are basically everyone’s favorite hero, which is unspoken but understood, so let’s all move on.


Space Sheriff.

In my head, Hal Jordan is Nathan Fillion. Ever since I first saw Firefly, I used Fillion’s voice for Hal, and the guy has the jawline for it. Ryan Reynolds on the other hand, who I do really like, is more of a Booster Gold (not a knock on either the actor or the character, admit it, he’d be a perfect Booster) so it was with great trepidation that I approached who will be Green Lantern to an entire generation.

Then I saw the costume.

It's like he has a tiny Batman mask all over his eyes.

At first I thought it was just me that the mask seemed off, and the suit seemed to lack character or really nail the iconography of the comic, but considering Martin Campbell, the man who restored James Bond, was back pedaling and saying that that image was nowhere near the final concept speaks a lot to the power of geekdom, and of Comic Con to directly address concerns of the most fickle, argumentative, and stubborn of demographics, the modern nerd.

However, any bad taste or sense of unease was washed away when a small child asked Reynolds to recite the Green Lantern oath and then the two ring bumped from across what looked like an airplane hangar.

I hope they let Mark Strong speak with his natural accent for Sinestro, because, for some reason, the guy always sounded British in my head.


Avengers Assembled – Really, the only wild card is Chris Evans as Captain America. The guy is the leader of the Avengers and if he’s going to command a billionaire genius, spies, Hulks, and a god, he’s got to have the voice, and while Evans is very capable, I’m not hearing it.

Chris Helmsworth bulked up nicely to play Thor though, that guy’s ripped.

Having Whedon direct is a good move for allaying nerd fears, but the guy has never worked with a budget this size, or a cast this size on this scale. Serenity had some nice action set pieces and a big cast, but he and, more importantly, we, had already spent time with the characters on Firefly. If you hadn’t the deaths in the movie meant nothing. Hopefully no one who is only introduced in the Avengers movie gets short changed.

If the whole thing turns into a massive shit show, at least Downey Jr’s going to be entertaining to watch.

The Walking Dead TV Show Shows Footage – Zombies scare the piss out of me, moving on. MOVE ON.

Sucker Punch – Chad rose to internet fame getting on Olivia Munn  for pandering to the geek demographic, but holy shit, have you seen this trailer? There’s literally no stone unturned, no sub-genre not pillaged.

Maybe it was because the last movie I watched was Inception, but are there three levels to this movie?

Asylum Level.

Burlesque Dance Revue level.

Dragon flying Samurai robot fighting World War 2 Possibly in Space level.

It might be they take all the hot ones from the asylum, drug them up and make them dance, and the girls hallucinate the fantasies as a metaphor for escape and growth, but there seems to be a lot that can wrong with that plan.

– drugged people don’t dance well, I don’t care what your cousin who’s done E before has told you.

– how many beautiful women are going to show up at an asylum and be good at dancing even without drugs?

– was that BJ Novak in the trailer? Everyone knows he can’t grow facial hair. He’s like, 11, right?

I know, I know. There are tons of pics with him with a tastefully trimmed 5 o'clock shadow, but he still looks 11.

I will  happily pay money to watch this movie, and I’m going to give it the benefit of the doubt, but that trailer looks like a guy who has a metal mural air brushed on the side of his van puked onto James Cameron’s super computer.

I’m just saying.

There are pictures with better signs, but this had the most.

The Counter-Protest to the Westboro Baptist Church’s Protest – They couldn’t even make it an hour before they left. I am so proud (and jealous) of all of you.

Hey. Where Are All the Goddamn Comics –
uh… did any major comic book announcements actually happen at Comic Con this year?

Guys, at least try to pretend you still give a shit about the floundering source material that’s making you billions of dollars in the film and videogame industries. Maybe it’s because both Marvel and DC have decided to not do crossover for a while (yeah. fucking. right).

There’s a lot I forgot, please make your voices and opinions known in the comments section.



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  1. quandtumtheory

    Matt, You forgot to mention the Community panel. You would’ve loved it. At one point Allison Brie’s boob popped out of her shirt. Then she just left it hanging out there all flustered for the rest of the panel.

  2. Wait, there were comic-based movies on display? I was too focused on the low-quality Marvel vs. Capcom 3 livestream, the reveal of Tekken vs. Street Fighter, and the sneak previews of a playable Makoto for BlazBlue:CS.

    What’s a “comic” again?

  3. Just a heads up that I am in the dog suit with the protesters in the picture above…I’m very passionate about my beliefs.

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