This is good because I always wanted to bang Lawrence Fishburne.

Let me acknowledge that I understand by writing about this, I’m playing along with the game. Porn Industry wants me to write about this, hoping one of you beautiful readers will want to see this young girl get destroyed so badly you’ll rush off to your latest adult shop and pick up a copy of this DVD. There are a few things wrong with that:

1) The internet requires you to no longer have to purchase pornography

2) It’s not possibly as good as a Lawrence Fishburne porn tape.

My god, the things that would get stuck in that gap"

I’d rather not comment on the girl herself, but where was this interview filmed? In a Coldstone Creamery? Were other patrons at this establishment freaked out by a large hulking man talking openly about how DTF this girl was and how he was going to tear her apart like erosion did to the Grand Canyon?

This does speak badly for the future of pop culture. The Kardashians opened the door/their vaginas and climbed to fame simply on a sex tape. Don’t tell me their father was a famous athlete. That entire show is based on a home film between a fairly attractive girl and Brandy’s brother. Lil’ Fishburne simply sees this as cutting through the middleman; will this work? Despite Kardashian, most celebrity sex tapes have been a last desperate flair for attention before being exiled into obscurity.

The only time adult film stars have broken into the mainstream, they did it by playing pornstars. Katie Morgan played a stripper in “Zach and Miri Make A Porno” and Sasha Grey starred in “The Girlfriend Experience” in which she portrayed a call girl. These aren’t exactly roles in “Julia and Julia”.

I wish Lil’ Fishburne the best of luck in her career, I just hope she sees that it’s likely going to apex every year at the Adult Expo out here in LA.


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  1. i think it was shot at Subway.

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