Standup Comedy is NOT pretty.

Know now that the above video nails how tough it can be to break into standup comedy so perfectly that there’s not much more I can add. But let me try.

It’s unknown how long the writer of that video has been performing standup; it’s entirely possible that the creator has been working in this noble endeavor for a few weeks and is just now realizing the truth. It doesn’t get much better as time goes on.Comics who show improvement over time in clubs can progress up the figurative ladder (it helps to start in smaller towns where club owners are more welcoming), but standup comedy is saturated by hordes of white, privileged 20-something males with an interest in geek culture and a belief that they have something interested to say (myself included).

If you want to experience the environment, go to an open mic. Actively search for a club’s open mic as odds are that night is barely advertised if at all. It will be packed with more aspiring comedians than you would expect to be in your town. These are the guys and occasional gal who are unsure of themselves, going onstage a few times a week after work to try new material they’ve thought of in their heads.

Comedians hate each other. There’s certainly a respect for peers, but comedians are like 80% of the Decepticons; always thinking their ideas are better than the person they’re following.

It’s a brutal creative process as you try and find your voice. New jokes have to be tested on drunk crowds at 2am, biased friends, and other comedians (who we’ve already established hate you).

Best of luck kids.


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