Surprising no one: Billy the Blue Ranger is gay.

David Yost, mostly known as Billy the Original Blue Power Ranger, made some waves in the sea of nostalgia with a recent announcement that not only is the man gay, he left the show because of constant harassment for his sexuality.

Thanks David, for proving me wrong in about ninety arguments I had on the playground. Super happy you were able to overcome some serious inner turmoil, but twelve-year-old Chad is a little annoyed. I owe Ben Weiss two pouches of Big League Chew now. That crap grows in value with interest.There is nothing wrong with being gay; it’s just a shame when people come out as a big announcement when it’s been obvious for years. Ricky Martin, Lance Bass, David Yost. I wasted valuable conversation time speculating over your sexual orientation, guys. These are men whose announcement of homosexuality really does nothing but give ammunition for middle school bullies that yes, not playing sports means you have a man-gina. We need more NPH’s; less Adam Lambert’s. Be proud of your sexuality, just don’t exploit it by making it the entire crux of your personality.

Producer Scott Page-Pagter (kind of a redundant last name) claims Yost quit the show actually for financial reasons, because of course he would: (TMZ)

“[Yost] and two of the other actors were all getting a bonus on top of their salary. When the other two left the show, production wanted to stop giving him the bonus, and that’s ultimately what led to his departure from the show.”

This was all boring jibber-jabber…until I found this wonderful slice of history. The video below is a behind-the-scenes video of the original cast in what appears to be sets made for high-school drama productions.

A few things of note from these videos:

1)   There was a reason my first crush was Kimberly the Pink Ranger (1:35)

2)   Tommy the Red Ranger was a lot more meaty-bro than I remember (4:03)

3)   If anyone was abusive to Billy Yost on the set, it was probably Tommy the Green Ranger (start at inappropriate leg-shot of Trini at 2:27). Look at the rage in Yost’s eyes as Tommy drops into frame. That is not annoyance; that is the expression one gives when they’re holding back the fury of a python with every fiber of their being. It’s a face that says, “I would murder you, but you have a giant Godzilla-mech and my Triceratops Zord just got thrashed all the time”

Tommy (played by Jason David Frank) was the only man who made a ponytail somehow cool. Every boy around the age of 25 bases their coolness around Tommy and Marty McFly. One of which would get their ass kicked in a fight (Hint, it’s not Tommy).

Jason David Frank now fights MMA, and owns a related Christian-clothing company called Jesus Didn’t Tap. He’s doing alright for himself, spiritually and Fight Clubily. Meanwhile Billy the Blue Ranger is balding and has had a life of inner turmoil.

This isn’t right. Even as a child I knew Tommy and Kimberly were destined for a life of early pregnancy and dead-end jobs while Trini and Billy would eventually head off into space to fight aliens with Zordon. That was the natural balance of things. Instead this is what where the original five stand:

I did not make this. Blame the internet.

Not fair. Not one bit.

Chad Quandt is an Analogy Editor for Nonstop Karate

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Writer for videogames, animation, the webcomic Suffrage. Master blocker in dodgeball. Barbecued with Corey Haim before he died.

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  1. LMAO,yeah I knew he was gay, my gaydar was on point. Who would have thought the Red Ranger would have grown up to be so chubby?

  2. David was being ganged up on for his orientation by writers, producers and other crew members – NOT cast members.

  3. The yellow ranger/Trini, died from a car crash

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