Yes. It DOES boast because iPad was bought.

It boasts because iPad was bought.

This phrase keeps haunting me now. At first it seems like nothing more than a bad Japanese translation. But this video is so joyous I have to analyze it for deeper meaning. Perhaps the iPad is boasting about it’s own purchase by being so wonderful to unpack and fun to boot up?

It sounds like something Buffalo Bill would say as he lowers a new Apple product down a pit to his captives.Usually unboxing videos are just strange porn for poor people who want to early-adopt/slaves to consumerism. I’d be ok with them if they were always like this. This guy could start tickling the box and slide into foreplay and I’d be okay with it. This man plays with iPads the way a surfer toys with a giant wave. They are one.

Best of luck to you and your new iPad, Japanese Fonzie.


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