Geek Triumphs: “Shiny Ponyta after 25968 encounters!!!”

You may be asking yourself several questions after watching this video (as long as you reached the 0:45 mark); what is a “shiny pokemon”? Where do I buy a three-pack GameBoy Advance? How come Sum 41 has a live album?

::opens up a large metal tome entitled “Nerd Knowledge”::A “shiny” Pokemon is a rare variation of Pocket Monsters (remember when news stories called it that a decade ago? It sounded so quaint) encountered in the game. Running into one is entirely random, so it’s cool to have a shiny thing just because it’s hard to get. If you’re wondering, yes, this is the entire model that Pokemon’s used to drain the pockets of children for years.

A shiny is nothing but a visual difference. This boy scored a blue Ponyta rather than the regular red one. Let’s ignore the fact that this Pokemon is not battle-appropriate. At most he’s found something that will impress three of his neighbors and a few kids online.

The correct coloquial term for a black -shiny pokemon is a "bling" pokemon

SON: Hey Dad? You know how you’re always trying to get me to work in the garage with you?

::Dad takes a long sip of water, his throat issuing some weird guttural noise::

DAD: Yeah?

SON: I had an idea for a project, I could use a hand.

::A single tear rolls down father’s cheek. Now his boy will finally understand what it is to be a man.::

DAD: I’d like that a lot, son. What do you want to build? A toy chest? A bird house? A shelf for all those crazy science-fiction books you read?

CHAD: I need to connect three of my Game Boys together so I can play three Pokemon games at the same time.

::Dad grits his teeth so hard that his molars are destroyed::

DAD: Does this…does this help you in school? Make your friends like you more or something?

CHAD: Yeah! It will! It will help me get a Shiny Ponyta! It’s a blue pony that sparkles!

::Dad pulls out his hunting rifle and shoots himself in the genitals so that his loins will never again sire such a disappointment.::

It should be noted that I subconsciously changed the character of  “Son” to “Chad”. This topic obviously reaches deep.

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  1. “Son, I am disappoint…”

  2. Those three GBA’s weren’t actually connected, just sitting side by side.

    And the guy states that the ponyta had a modest nature which means it has increaed special attack and decreased physical attack, which is a good base for an offensive pokemon.

  3. It’s not about impressing his friends. He started 8 months before trying to find this Shiny Ponyta and he finally found it. Regardless of whether you think his achievement is stupid or not, it’s pretty easy to imagine the unbelievable rush of excitement you’d get after 8 months of searching to finally find that Shiny Ponyta.

  4. I found a shiny Pokemon entirely without effort. Just going about my business, roaming around the Hoenn region on Pokemon Ruby. I caught me a shiny Swinub. It was barely noticeable. But I could’ve had a shiny Piloswine. Then a Mamoswine!

    But. Crucially. I lost my Ruby cartridge. I still haven’t really got over it…


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