Rick Sanchez is dead, long live Jack Cafferty

Rick Sanchez got fired for “being real” about how Jon Stewart was a bigot and implying Jews ran the entertainment industry. This is a triumph, but Sanchez’s sacking should’ve happened a year ago, and not because he said some stupid stuff. The man is a perfect example of a terrible journalist: arrogance, an assumption that he’s the voice of the people, and what can only be called O’Reillyitis.

He also struck someone with a car while drunk, but eh, you gotta drink when you gotta drink.

Worst. Babysitter. Ever.

Almost every newscaster seems to have some narcissistic flaw where they think they’re the next Walter Cronkite. There is only person that should read the news at this point: Mofo Jack Cafferty.

Cafferty could not give a fuck. Play close attention to the delicate line Jack crosses: He speaks out and refuses to do stories, but its all in the name of serious journalism.

For your comparison; Nancy Grace. Mrs. Grace acts appalled and likes to embarrass her own crew by appearing that she’s above scandalous celebrity pieces by refusing to show racy photos. But Nancy, if you really cared about avoiding yellow journalism, you wouldn’t do ANY piece on Paris Hilton, let alone a program dedicated to her cocaine arrest.

What I’m saying is, every time a movie uses a Nancy Grace cameo as herself, I get upset.

Suck it, Nancy Grace. Suck it for abusing the plights of others for your ratings. I wish Cafferty was my grandpa.


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