At Least You’re Not As Awkward As: Crazy Richard Horvitz Fan jacon 2009

I loathe panel attendees who go use Q&A time to get a hug, talk about their random encounter with a panel member, or drop off a gift. I get it; you’re a big fan. So are a lot of us, but we’d rather learn more about the creative process or see some of our favorite actors tell behind-the-scenes stories.

Maybe you see Richard Horvitz on the street. You stop him to say you really appreciate his work and look forward to his future projects. He thanks you and gives you a hug. This is an appropriate thing.

Maybe this video is a chronicle of a shy boy’s attempt to break out. The video description seems to suggest that he really wanted to do something “crazy”. Sitting silently at the table somewhat counts as that.

Side note: Richard Horvitz is a class act. How do I know this? I met him through work and didn’t treat him like he was an otherworldly being. He thanked me for getting him a water.


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