Where do we go from here, Abed?

We are a blog. By nature, we are designed to reflect on things that have happened to us and our world. Ever since the first teenager cried into their Xanga account, it has been so. We try to make original content here, but every ounce of that is based on something already out in the ether. We did not create Michael Bay, we only perfected him.

At some point, all the newspapers will die and blogs will be the future and news will just be upskirt pictures of Emma Watson’s daughter. She will be of legal age at the time! This has been understood for a while. Why there were still journalism students during my time at college, I will never know (journalism is dead kids, get a modeling contract if you want to read the news on TV).

But entertainment has this same parasitic tendency: everything is meta. The Magicians is a fantasy novel where spellbinders grew up reading Harry Potter, Deadpool is now aware of the fact that he’s in a Marvel comic book, and Community features Abed; a character who compares all of their antics to shows before them.

What happens next?Seriously. Where do we go from here on the evolutionary ladder of entertainment? TV used to be so earnest, with characters who only dealt with racism and their wives not being attractive anymore. Now everything is so snarky and hip (and pretty awesome, still), Will our children grow up watching a screen that just flashes things that happened in the past superimposed over kittens licking each other? Will characters just be representations of celebrities? Just reenacting Lindsay Lohan scandals? And we’ll all acknowledge that its the best thing we can do?

Meta-comedy has become a bit of a Pandora’s Box. Now that we’ve all acknowledged the elephant in the room/the fact that every writer AND viewer is going to be well versed in the entertainment they grew up with, how can anyone tell an original story? Any story about a guy nervous about a big date has decades of famous – and likely better – examples that came before him.

Fashion likes to recycle older styles in nostalgia. Will there come a time when we champion the next Everybody Loves Raymond for being able to focus on simple stories without being bogged down in referring itself?

Get back to me on this, internet.

Chad Quandt is Analogy Editor for Nonstop Karate

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