The hunt for the next big horror monster

Considering Matt just posted about the excellence of The Walking Dead yesterday, I understand that the world still loves zombies. The world sees a dumb person torn apart by the ravenous undead and they cheer.

But I ask, when will zombies’ reign end? I feel burned out myself and can’t wait to see the next trend. Vampires, you’ve had this coming for a while now as well. What would be the best thing for storytellers, audiences and scared little kids is a new horror staple, an invention of a new monster that can enter into the stable of recurring abominations.We have a few main types with their general themes:

Frankenstein – One’s own mistakes come back to destroy him in a physical form

Mummies – Death’s unending persistence. Also overlaps with Frankenstein’s curse aspect.

Vampires – Eternal life and all the things that come with that. Romance a subset of that. Twilight was not the first to think of this.

Zombies – Power in numbers and the reinvention of society in a post-apocalypse world.


Swamp Monster – No one does this anymore. Mainly because women don’t faint into a monster’s arms and get carried into lakes.

Aliens – Haven’t been a real horror staple since the 60s, though “SIGNS” BE SCARY AS SHIT, YO.

Understand that these have evolved over time. Frankenstein was originally a man’s guilt, now more of a giant dude that rapes peoples faces. Zombies were based in voodoo and usually had a tall black man in makeup laughing uncontrollably.

There must be other possibilities. Frankenstein was created in the 1800s by Mary Shelley. Even if you realize she just put a twist on the undead by focusing it one man, it was unique and fresh.

People are trying. There are tons of variations of the standards.

Alien Hive Mind

Running You Are All Fucked Zombies

Brendan Fraiser One Giant Super Powered Dragonball Z Mummy


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