Post Election: Guys, It’s Going to be Okay



It’s going to be okay. Do you know why? Because nothing’s actually changed.

This puppy ain't takin' no shit.

Both wars are still going on, pot is still ridiculously easy to get/grow/sell in California, no one in Washington DC gives a shit about you unless you’re a billionaire, and chances are wherever you woke up will be either too cold or too hot for you to be truly comfortable.

Sweep the leg, Corgi-san!

Obama got fucked by a Democratically controlled House and Senate so he’s not going to be hobbled by a Republican House. So Democrats, relax, nothing’s going to change, the nation’s not any closer to your fevered dreams of Utopia, and to you Republicans, you’re not going to change the world, you’re just going to slow it down.

Guess what? No matter who won, you’re still going to be pissed about taxes and we’re all equally miserable about National Health Care, albeit for different reasons.

Ride Together, Die Together, Bad Boys for Life.

But, you know what else? The sun will rise tomorrow. Puppies are born everyday. There’s still beer AND ice cream. And cake.

Think about that. You can, at any time, just buy beer, ice cream, and an entire cake. Just because. If you have enough money you can just buy an entire cake and no one will say anything. If they ask if it’s for someone’s birthday, just lie. Then go home, get drunk, and celebrate your dog’s Bar Mitzvah or you cat’s Christening. It’s never as bad as you think. Things are going to be okay.

It's okay. He's from the future.

The world marches on; I promise. I promise you that there are still tomorrows, and puppies, and in one month we’ll all just be back to lay all kinds of sweeping blame and condemnation on the government as a whole, and it’ll feel like they’re not listening.

Because they aren’t.

But hey, beer and ice cream.

This is actually my family's dog, Tank. He's wasted.



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