Allow me to introduce you to Flyclops

Comic Book science is a wonderful thing. Done well, it’s a moment when a writer acknowledges their own grasp of post-high school education, invents an interesting theory (its like creative brainstorming!) all while simulatenously avoiding the fact that the world they’re working has explained previous events as, “it’s magic. We don’t have to explain shit”.

One brave bastard invented something so revolutionary; Marvel needs to give him a 100-issue run right now.


Originally posted on a forum that no one should go to, user Arc posted his theorem.

Cyke should be able to fly.

Think about it.

A. Eye beams have no recoil on his head.
B. Eye beams have no effect on his own body parts, as evidenced by closing his eyes to prevent firing when the goggles are off.
C. The beams knock things away on impact, indicating that they have force.
D. The eye beams interact with his gloves, as they are not a part of his body.

Cyke can, at the very least, put his gloved hands in front of his eyes and allow the beam force to drag him into the air, since he has no “equal and opposite reaction” acting back on his face. The opposite force is somewhere in a different dimension.

By altering his hands and eyes according to his GEOMETRY POWER, he can propel himself in different directions accurately.

This is all true in comic-book land; Cyclops and the Summers family are all impervious to their own energy. Cyke’s beams aren’t generated from within his body, instead portals are opened to something called The Punch Dimension (this means there is another dimension somewhere made of nothing but punches where two eye-sized portals open up sporadically emitting daylight.

Also from that site that shouldn't be mentioned.

Cyclops emits a constant concussive force from himself with nothing pushing Cyclops back. When one turns on a firehose. The pressure’s intense, but it propels the hose back. Cyke doesn’t that have problem.


Panels originally from Ultimate X-Men, I believe ::pushes glasses up nose::


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  1. Is there supposed to be something here? Because I can’t see anything.

  2. Ah, Ultimate X-Men, that series had a good run while it lasted.

    • I was rather bummed with the series once Kirman got a hold. I’m usually a big fan of him, but it started X-Men down a weird path it couldn’t recover from: Wolverine was Cable in the future, Nightcrawler was a sexual predator, etc.

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