HarryPotterHimself has only one more preimere to rock

I just realized we don’t have a “Books” subcategory on NonstopKarate. Wow, we is dumb people, Matt.

This is an impressive video, and he even has the character’s smug sense of self-righteousness (basically, Harry should’ve died in Book 3 and Neville would’ve become the prophecy. You know this is awesome).

So this guy is superhardcorez, admirable in a way. If we respect a man who covers his walls in Giants memorabilia and wears nothing but facepaint and Shockey jerseys (do we?), then HarryPotterHimself is just that in a different form of entertainment.

But here’s the problem; there’s only one more movie premiere before Harry Potter retires to the back closet of nerd obsessions. HarryPotterHimself is too far gone.



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