A Colder War: Links to Better Writers

Hey guys, I’m dealing with a vicious combination of Writer’s Block (capitalized because It’s important) and exhaustion, which might actually be me getting sick.

So while try to become re-inspired/better here is still some stuff to read on a Monday morning.

First up is a Colder War by Charles Stross , a sci-fi and fantasy writer, which is essentially Cold War politics and spy games in a world where Cthulhu and the rest of the Elder Gods are real.

This is why nerds shouldn't breed with each other, if at all.

The second also involves Cthulhu and is written by fellow blogger and friend of the site Erin Palette of Lurking Rhythmically. It’s about Aquaman versus Cthulhu for a series she did for a Literary Comic Mash-ups mass blogging thing that happened a bit ago.

There’s also one of Iron Man done by William Gibson which is kind of fucking amazing.

And finally, for all of you comic book and art nerds, I’ve pimped it before, but Project Rooftop is one of my favorite sites and I easily lose hours looking through its archives. The blog is basically redesigns of superhero costumes, and it’s a lot of fun to look through.

Man, if they sold that as a jacket with the mask as a hood, I'd buy all of them.

Hopefully I’ll see with with something substantial on Wednesday.



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