Criminal Masterminds: Gears

This is something out of The Dark Knight Rises: a man who perpetrates crimes of theft and terror and records the entire thing to mock the general populace.

Urban people, what does “gears” mean? Is it an affectionate term for anything electronic? Is it a battle cry evoking the savagery of the Gears of War crew? Or is it a declaration that we are all cogs in a machine of industry, gears ourselves? That’s deep man.Nonstop Karate does not advocate stealing, but there comes a point when an electronics store must realize that the only way to stop theft is putting a chain on thing or something, goddamn.

I’m haunted by this man’s voice chanting “GEARS”. What does it mean? I feel like I’m Diane Lane, hunched over a computer watching this videos as I try to track this elusive internet villain. Then I find out the newest video he’s uploaded is IN MY HOUSE. HE’S STEALING MY PLAYSTATION.

Chad Quandt is Analogy Editor for Nonstop Karate.

About Nonstop Karate

Created by Chad Quandt and Matt Loman Lonely. Online. Angry due to being online and lonely.

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