At Least You’re Not As Awkward As: “Sonic and Tails Adventure 2 Trailer”

Hey friends, I’m nursing a terrible stomach flu. I spent the night tossing and turning with what felt like a solid rock in my gut. Want to know what the worst part was? In some weird delirium, I kept envisioning inventing YouTube comments. A video that didn’t exist would pop up in my head, along with comments on the video. That’s what I saw in my head as I popped in and out of  consciousness.

Our hero for today, jerrywalmer, is the only thing keeping me going. There are some wonderful touches: The distracted voice as he narrates while playing, the fact that it’s not Sonic Adventure 2, and the video memos “…finally youtube you are a bi*ch” and “and now the sponcer is now drunk and a filthey hobo and living in a card board box”.

“The adventures of Sonic and Tails will never end. Probably”


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