OLPC digs up Lennon from his grave, voice over by your buddy doing a Lennon impression

This ad has been out for two years? Maybe the reason why I haven’t seen it until now is that is a slap in the face to a dead person. One Laptop Per Child is a noble cause, though the empowerment a third-world child would get from a computer is probably outweighed by having people not cutting off her family’s heads every week.

I now have to question one of my favorite charities. We in America have this view that if you just give a disadvantaged child one opportunity, they’ll go all The Great Debaters on us and make their lives work. An old classmate from high school, from a wealthy family of doctors, insisted that any urban child could make it as far as he did in their lives. That he was on equal footing as a kid with one parent growing up in Harlem. To him, the only reason this other kid also isn’t in the Ivy League now is that he simply didn’t want it enough. This kid also said “well no one actually survives on just minimum wage..I mean not without also stealing”.

Little Kunta Kinte, a fictional boy with the most offensive name I could’ve picked for an impoverished child, might get a laptop and write the next great novel and get out of his village (because that kinda worked for the kid actors in Slumdog Millionare), but most are going to end up playing Angry Birds. Kids will be kids.

OLPC, there are numerous celebrities that are alive that would endorse your cause. It’s not like you have to sell us on your charity that hard that you need to dig up one of the biggest spokesmen for peace from the ground.

Was there no other voice actor around to do the Lennon V.O.? Did you just grab Carl from accounting, who’s a big Beatles fan, and ask him to do his best Lennon impersonation?

Just grab Ashton Kutcher, since he’s somehow viewed as our celebrity tech expert, and have him standing next to a little black boy.

And for the record, Paul and Ringo are both alive right now. You could give them a call.

Chad Quandt is Analogy Editor for Nonstop Karate.

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  1. I’m not an expert but it sounds more like Ringo than Lennon.

    • That…is correct. It does sound like Ringo. But it’s trying to be Lennon. So does that make it worse? More insulting to Ringo that they pay for him to do a spot and he doesn’t even get to be himself?

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