“Down In The Valley of Awesome”

No one show this to Michael Bay. Or George Lucas. In fact, no one should see this video if they have any creative control over entertainment. Flaming arc-reactor swords, that are REAL, have no place working their way into stories. Lightsabers didn’t cause the destruction of man kind because they are impossible. If people believed there were the chance to make them, they would spend their entire lives to building one.

Our scientists and engineers would spend their resources solely to crafting a stick made of energy, despite the fact that they are unusable by standard humans. Somehow, I know Matt’s already written this.

If Hollywood, let alone the military, knew this thing existed they’d become mass marketed. Children would burn their limbs off in weeks. We’d lose land wars against third world countries because our generals would insist on wielding demon swords rather than rifles.

Also, note the differing preference for face protection between the two fighters. One is wearing a gas mask, as a sort of Medieval Psycho Mantis. The other looks like he sings for Coheed and Cambria. His long hair is probably loaded up with grease and oils and is seconds away from igniting.

Thanks to Erin Palette for the find.


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