“Yes, I made a game about Owl Battles.”

I’m still so happy that Legends of The Guardians: The Owls of Ga’hoole exists as a movie. It’s concept is so bizarre that it gives me hope that any movie can be made. My dreams of a documentary-style House of Leaves movie shot mostly in total darkness is possible.

What’s even more inspiring than Owl Helmets: An Analogy for The Holocaust the film? That there was a videogame made on it. There were men and a few women who spent years of their life saying “Yes, I am working on a game where you are an owl and you fight other owls”.Men came into work at Krome Studios, still resting from recently finishing moderately successful titles like Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, cleared out their hard drives, and began researching concept art for different owl breeds. “I wonder if there are any plants owls eat?”, thought the designer, “We could scatter hundreds of them around the levels. Gamers who collect them all could get an achievement while also learning about our feathered friends dietary habits!”

At one point a level designer met a cute girl at the nearby bar. “Yes, working at a bank sure sounds like it’s stressful. Me? Oh, I’m a character animator for a game company. No, I don’t really draw, it’s more manipulating models. Did you ever see Toy Story? Yea, I’m doing that but with owls”. The girl then walks away, realizing the man – and several of his coworkers there – are littered with owl crap.

You see, the developer brought in an owl to the studio. It was named Skywarp as a bad geek reference and became a terror to the workers, swooping down to snatch lunches it mistook for small field mice. No Twinkie was ever safe under Skywarp’s domain.

Level designs were rejected and sent back. Sure they were pretty, but that gorgeous mountain cliff didn’t have any spots where the Owls would nest. Missing details like that would cheat The Owls of Ga’hoole and those who died fighting the Owl Nazis or whatever.

And one Krome employee went to the Spike Videogame Awards with a hope that the committee/Snoop Dogg/whoever decides would recognize spectacular owl combat rather than God of War 3. Two more went to see Megan Fox.


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