Dodge Ram: Shove It, Nature

I am not in the target demographic for Dodge Ram. I cannot afford it. I also prefer my vehicles to have storage room but not have my friends depend on me to help them move.

This Dodge commercial goes for the worst demographic: a subsection of “outdoorsmen” that hate nature. I get it, Every Uncle I’ve Had, you like going out in the woods and living off the land. Shooting deer with a carbon bow, eating it, and then apologizing to its family is a way to escape the stress of big city living. But man Dodge, what mindset does this say for your truck?

A hunter goes out to sleep in the woods (he is not stranded there, that truck is brand new and spotless). But nature is noisy. Gosh, nature. Why you gotta be a dick? So a hunter proceeds to murder all nature because they had to disturb his sleep.

The commercial is a metaphor for all western expansion for the past two hundred years. The direct opposite of this commercial is the “crying indian”.


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