Reed Richards: Master Woodworker

The X-Men could be a collective spokesperson for the plastics industry. At some point or another, they’ve built every conceivable thing so that Magneto can’t control it: Xavier’s wheelchair, the Blackbird,  they even keep cookies in plastic jars incase Magneto attacks for some late night num-nums. Usually that stuff still works, it’s not just little replica models. Cyclops didn’t go hit Genosha with a Gundam Wing model set.

So what’s more impressive here? How easily Magneto just rolls over? Or that Reed made a wooden gun that detailed? Look at that thing! He painted it too!

This clip cuts off right before Magneto realizes he has power over OTHER things and crushes the police with their cars. It gets REAL bloody, and there was no censorship back when this cartoon was made.


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  1. I remember this clip from the same episode (movie?), where Magneto was so stoned he wouldn’t stop monologuing in third-person.

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