Major Questions From The First Photo of The Assembled Avengers

  • Is The Hulk naked? Will he just be this monstrous nude form the entire movie, genitals swinging around wildly? Because that is horrifying. And slightly hot.
  • Without seeing Hawkeye’s legs, we must assume that he is riding Captain America side saddle, correct?
  • Why does this feel like an incomplete cast? Yes, Nick Fury’s likely to see some action, but without core Avengers members such as Vision, Scarlett Witch, or Wasp, the team feels small. If nothing, another female member adds some sex appeal. The posters that would sell alone.
  • Is Robert Downey Jr a bit miffed that in most of the posters for these movies, he’s the only one with his face covered?
  • When is Marvel going to make sure that the top search result on Google for “The Avengers” isn’t the 1998 adaption of the british adventure show?

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  1. This TOTALLY does not feel like an incomplete cast. Anymore characters would feel too crammed in and hurt the movie. Save Pym/Wasp for the sequel (when assumedly the Hulk will no longer be involved)

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