There Was a Time This Trailer Brought Hope

Hold back your snark cannons, internet. I want you to learn something from this. Look at this trailer. No one had any idea what the prequel trilogy would be like. The realization that eight hours of prologue wouldn’t be satisfying hadn’t hit anyone yet.

According to the above video’s uploader, fans in this screening bought tickets to Meet Joe Black (remember that? That character’s name was conceived before Jack Black was a movie star. Things would’ve been too confusing if he was!) just to see the trailer. Movies don’t do that anymore. If you want to see the new Avengers movie, you see it at the end of Captain America, which you’re likely already seeing. Imagine if The Dark Knight Rises Teaser had been put exclusively at the beginning of Zookeeper. How frustrating that would be for the few folks there excited to see some Kevin James hi-jinks and some nerd in a bat suit bought all the tickets.

Look at all the beats this trailer hits and imagine what the movie could’ve been like:

00:30 – Sprawling landscapes, droid fighters flying off like it’s Cloud City, a beautiful woman looking longingly out the window. You lean over to your friend and go, “Is this…is this art? This is art!”00:42 – Holy hell what is that madness! Zooming through canyons! An annoyed looking asian woman! (This shot makes Amidala somehow seem much more emotive than the movie)

00:51 – Some alien getting shocked. Ok, I don’t what that’s about. But humor in the movie! Cool!

01:00 – And thus begins the pulling on nostalgia and the start of “Oooooh. They’re referring to things I already know about! That kid is gonna be Vader! I know something Yoda doesn’t!”

01:26 – Yoda! And he looks like his Muppet version! Oh shit!

01:30 – And most importantly, this Phantom Menace. Darth Maul still oozes cool, even now. This trailer makes you think about Maul, and how it’s just going to be this iconic villain hunting them down at every turn. Imagine how much more interesting that would’ve been if it had been one very solid A story of rescuing a Queen from a would-be assassin, and a slave boy gets snatched up along the way.

Every time a big trailer comes out, I hope you spend a few seconds thinking about this trailer. Approach with cautious optimism. Don’t let yourself get hurt, kids.


About Chad Quandt

Writer for videogames, animation, the webcomic Suffrage. Master blocker in dodgeball. Barbecued with Corey Haim before he died.

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