This Cat Washing Machine Was Invented By A Mean Little Brother

The idea of a Cat Spa (trademark?) makes sense for the first five seconds (Oh yea, I imagine washing a cat IS hard! Cats hate water right? It’s like The Jetsons). Then you see that instead of nice robotic hands cleaning your cat for you, it’s just a death trap chamber you toss your cat in. If there was a movie called Animal Final Destination, an animal would die in one of these when it malfunctions.

I don’t think why I’ve ever washed my cat. Probably because cats clean themselves. That’s kind of part of their appeal: low maintenance, they’ll eat your body if you die in your apartment, and they clean themselves. Did your cat fall into a tub of butterscotch or get sprayed by a skunk? Then just take a soap rag and gentle clean your cat. Don’t gas chamber them.


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