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The Mass Effect Thing pt2: Entitlement and What is Art?

Sorry for this taking so long. The original draft clocked in at 4,000 words and was all over the place. It to0k me a while to figure out what to chop out and force everything into a dubious coherence.

Last post I talked about how I think the ending was a subconscious desire by Bioware to be seen as more than just a silly sci-fi game and try to speak to a broader, more humanizing theme.

What follows is going to be spoiler-free, and largely Mass Effect 3 free in terms of specifics in characters, gameplay, plot, etc. It’s more of a launching pad for the point I’m trying to make.
 Please join me after the jump where I try to make an argument for videogames being not only art, but a whole new form of it.

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