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This girl’s Justin Bieber sadness warms your Valentine’s Day heart

I’d like to make it known that although I did not watch the Grammys due to lack of cable/need to binge-bake, I am sincerely worried for the future of popular music. Well, I was worried about it, until I watched this video. Now I am just worried for the future of the world.

Clearly, Justin Bieber has some of the most violent fans in the world. Ezperanza Spaulding better be careful.

Take away message: Having all the child laborers in a foreign country know your name WILL NOT guarantee you a Grammy.

And why would Justin want a bunch of stuff with his own face on it?


How To Be One Less Lonely Girl

Justin Bieber once said, “I don’t need too much, just somebody to love”.  Here are some tips to help you become that somebody.

1. Be a girl

WHY: Justin has made it clear that he is really, really into girls. When I say “girl” I mean a girl, not a woman, though he may disagree. You might have gone through puberty but this kid is in the middle of it so I’m pretty sure it’s illegal if not extremely creepy to think about him in that way you may be doing if you are 18+. Read the rest of this entry