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Screw off “No Shave November”… it’s MOVEMBER!!

Lannisters pay debts, Starks cultivate mo's

“No Shave November” is a celebrated internet and college campus trend during which men don’t shave any part of their body for the entirety of the month of November.  Why? It’s a way to seek out and tame the raw, beastly neanderthal that is a part of every man’s blood.  To look inward and find out what lies at the very core of a man’s soul. To hire an independent arbitrator to face the nagging demons of responsibility and time, and come to reasonable settlement.

But really, what it boils down to is that there comes a time in every man’s life where he just needs an excuse to look homeless and gross to see if he can grow a God damned beard.

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Alien Nation Loves Mexican Food

In case you were wondering where the best Mexican food in the galaxy was...

Came across this gem while running around Hunting Beach, CA this past weekend.  Ate at a lovely little taco stand called “Las Barcas.” Where apparently the entire cast and crew of the sci-fi classic “Alien Nation” frequented to quell their south of the border cravings.

Please confirm everyone finds this as funny as I did at the time.

– Veezy

Music History: The Golden Age of Terrible White People Rap

Chet Haze: “Ushering in the new Golden Age of Terrible White People Rap”

We’ve come to a point in America where hip hop is probably the most popular form of music, at least for teenagers currently growing up in the states.  It has embedded itself every facet of our society and you’d be hard pressed to find a corner of the country where people don’t listen to it on a daily basis or even worse, don’t acknowledge it as a viable art form. I personally grew up in an era where rap music was still having it’s growing pains as it began to infiltrate Top 40 radio.  Gangster rappers actually murdered each other, for a week MC Hammer was the richest man on the planet, and old white people were terrified that these young black men would defile their daughters and steal their good china right in front of their very eyes.
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Senator Claims He isn’t Gay; Supports Small Business

State Senator Paul Habig

(transcribed from a press conference earlier today)

Ladies and gentlemen of the press.

Fellow representatives.

My loyal constituents.

I’m sure by now, you’ve all heard the rumors that have been circulating the news stations about some of my recent activities.  Some are saying that I may have paid a young, hairless man to spend an evening with me at a small hotel just outside of our state capital.  Some are saying that the nature of our rendezvous was sexual in nature.  Some have even had the audacity to imply that I may be a homosexual.  I’ve come here today, to set the record straight.  My policy has always been one of transparency and honesty when it came to the actions I take both inside and outside of my office.  And I think that now more than ever, it’s important that I be upfront with the people who voted me into this position.  Because, ultimately, they’re the only people who I must answer to.

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This is Your Childhood: “Space Jam”

A few days ago I caught one of my favorite movies from my childhood on of all places, the NBA TV Network (that exists).  It was, of course, the mid-90’s Michael Jordan/Looney Tunes collaboration entitled “Space Jam.”  Do you remember “Space Jam?” If you grew up in the 90’s there’s a damn good chance you do. And that you loved it unconditionally.  Why? In case the trailer above didn’t make it clear, it combined everything that you loved as a child into one package:

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Kyle and the Deathly Deadly Hallows

Is it weird this is how I imagine the Grim Reaper?

Death is not something I give a lot of serious thought to.  I’d imagine a lot of  us don’t until those dire times in our lives when the Grim Reaper rears his ugly head and comes at us on a personal level.  Sadly, I had a instance like this just this last week with the passing of my grandmother(from here on lovingly referred to as “Nan-naw”). She was 84 years old, an age I can’t even begin to imagine being  alive at and hope I get the opportunity to enjoy. She was a wonderful woman, and responsible for a lot of what makes my younger brother and I who we are. She endured and loved us even though we were not the most…reserved children. But she always had us pegged pretty well. Telling people we weren’t mean kids, just ornery. Which I think is still an accurate description of us today.  She was also a lot of fun. AND funny. Mostly because she had to be. She was the matriarch of a family jam packed with smart asses where if you aren’t being made fun of, you aren’t loved. Ultimately, she’s one of those rare people in your life that you’ll miss forever. And I truly will.

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You Wouldn’t Like Me When I’m Angry

Which lately seems like it’s all the time.

Have you ever woken up and thought “When did I become such an insufferable cunt?” If you followed my twitter account, you’d know that I had this very realization yesterday morning.  How did I come to this conclusion? Well. I’m not proud of it, but I yelled at this adorable cat.

Just. Not fair.

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