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Michael Jackson’s “Liberian Girl” Is A Perfect Time Capsule of The 80s

Welcome to 1989. Let’s play a game: can you watch all of Michael Jackson’s 1989 music video Liberian Girl and count how many stars with cameos are still successful today?

A deep critical analysis and some essential Dan Aykroyd gifs like this one after the jump.

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This is the kinda stuff that keeps me single

This pains me. Earlier this morning I had to tell Adam Kornya that he couldn’t have a video of a man pooping into a see-through diaper in his post. And in some ways, this video disturbs me more. Read the rest of this entry

The Jafar Scenario

I read a lot of development scripts at work (when I’m not getting lunch for others). They’re mostly fun adventure fantasies that focus on a story kids can get into. There’s a girl to save, a giant baddie, and some wonderful world to explore (if you successfully have these three things, you’re doing better than a lot of scripts already).

Many of these hopeful stories contain what I’ve dubbed “The Jafar Scenario”, named after Aladdin’s eccentric villain. And there’s  implied rape in all of these cartoons. Read the rest of this entry

Squirm/Cheer for Public Marriage Proposals

I’m dead inside. The few women who have let me into their lives have figured that out. Young Chad never recovered from the moment he realized love wasn’t like a Disney movie. I drive down the street, see couples holding hands, and the gravitational pull that is the black hole of my soul gets a little stronger. Read the rest of this entry

At Least You’re Not As Awkward As: Crazy Richard Horvitz Fan jacon 2009

I loathe panel attendees who go use Q&A time to get a hug, talk about their random encounter with a panel member, or drop off a gift. I get it; you’re a big fan. So are a lot of us, but we’d rather learn more about the creative process or see some of our favorite actors tell behind-the-scenes stories.

Maybe you see Richard Horvitz on the street. You stop him to say you really appreciate his work and look forward to his future projects. He thanks you and gives you a hug. This is an appropriate thing.

Maybe this video is a chronicle of a shy boy’s attempt to break out. The video description seems to suggest that he really wanted to do something “crazy”. Sitting silently at the table somewhat counts as that.

Side note: Richard Horvitz is a class act. How do I know this? I met him through work and didn’t treat him like he was an otherworldly being. He thanked me for getting him a water.

Nolan North’s Master Work in “Resonance of Fate”

Remember that year when Julia Roberts was in every single movie? When you saw the trailer for “The Mexican” and said to yourself, “Another one? When do you sleep, Julia?”. That’s how Nolan North has operated in the videogame industry for the past few years. The dude’s a voice acting god. The dude’s been Nathan Drake, Desmond and The Prince.

This should not be seen as a critique of Nolan. Voice recording often puts the actor in a position with little context for the scene, no visuals to go off of, and no other actors for context. When working with North for an upcoming game, he showed me this title. He is not ashamed. Well he isn’t proud of it, but he won’t write to me because I posted it.