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If “Community” Had The Marketing Campaign for “Whitney”: A Better World

Depending on where you live, Whitney billboards are dominating your life. In Los Angeles, they’re so numerous they’re reaching maddening levels. I see five on the mile drive back home every day. The general Nonstop Karate consensus is that Whitney Cumming’s show looks as bad as her marketing campaign. We could be wrong! Heath Ledger was a good Joker! Who could’ve known? Chris Nolan. Shut up.

Community is excellent. Good lord, is it a well made show. Now imagine is Dan Harmon’s Little Show That Could had gotten 1/10th of the marketing money as Whitney. Having trouble imagining that? Here, let me help you. Read the rest of this entry


Plotting Out the Metaverse of “Community”, “Cougar Town” and “Scrubs”

The TV metaverse broke this week. Much the way Superboy-Prime’s punch shattered the DC Multiverse, Abed’s appearance on Cougar Town sets up a very weird order of shows that puts Community in the same world as you, me and Scrubs reruns. Somewhere, Britta is reading Pitchfork. Or she’s trying to install Napster. Read the rest of this entry

Things to Do Instead of Watching Outsourced and Perfect Couples

The NBC Thursday Night Comedy Lineup sits high above the rest of it’s network programming like the one building not destroyed in a bombing run. Sure it wasn’t always perfect, and a few shows are past their prime (The Office), but last season one could turn on television for two hours and enjoy every part of it. It hurts me to say it, but it was Must See TV.

Now the skies have darkened. The lineup’s bloated to three hours with two massive tumors called Outsourced (a growth we decided to ignore) and Perfect Couples (Oh god, where did that mole come from and when did it become three pounds?). These aren’t hanging off the sides for easy removal; one is within the vital organs. Unless you have some sort of magical device that can record certain programs for you, one must sit through these shows to get to the good bits. Fear not, I compiled a list of things one can do while you skip through the bad bumps of Thursday night. Read the rest of this entry

Community, are you god?

Community does things to me; it takes story arcs that I think are overplayed and reinvents them, it’s the first fictional group I want to be part of since Animorphs, and it changes the damn face of television. I know that’s a lot to say about something where a character is a monkey named Annie’s Boobs, but let me ask you this:

When was the last time a character was devoted to their religion and not purely a punching bag? Read the rest of this entry

Where do we go from here, Abed?

We are a blog. By nature, we are designed to reflect on things that have happened to us and our world. Ever since the first teenager cried into their Xanga account, it has been so. We try to make original content here, but every ounce of that is based on something already out in the ether. We did not create Michael Bay, we only perfected him.

At some point, all the newspapers will die and blogs will be the future and news will just be upskirt pictures of Emma Watson’s daughter. She will be of legal age at the time! This has been understood for a while. Why there were still journalism students during my time at college, I will never know (journalism is dead kids, get a modeling contract if you want to read the news on TV).

But entertainment has this same parasitic tendency: everything is meta. The Magicians is a fantasy novel where spellbinders grew up reading Harry Potter, Deadpool is now aware of the fact that he’s in a Marvel comic book, and Community features Abed; a character who compares all of their antics to shows before them.

What happens next? Read the rest of this entry

Get lunch with Allison Brie, become The Stalker

Women filmmakers need support. It can be traumatic to be an ex-wife to James Cameron or have your work constantly compared to your father’s gift-from-god mobster movies. If this is a problem that strikes you right in the Sympathy Glands or you are a sex-driven Horn Man, then do I have the eBay auction for you!

You can bid to win a lunch with Community’s (not Mad Men’s) Allison Brie.

Think long and hard before you bid on this, internet/Matt. What would you actually do for an hour-long lunch with a person who doesn’t know you? Read the rest of this entry