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Nothing says metal like used cars and flip-flops


Arkham City’s Ending: “The More Things Change The More They Stay The Same…”

Batman: Arkham City’s major flaw was repetitive, uninspired boss fights which culminated in a final confrontation with the Joker where you punch him a lot. The conclusion, where a Titan-infused (Think Bane’s venom formula) Joker takes you on one-on-one, didn’t do justice to the rest of the game’s atmosphere and “strike from the darkness” gameplay. The sequel Arkham City seems to have taken heed to fans’ complaints. Not only do the boss fights vary, but writer Paul Dini gives a story so conclusive that it will keep the series from falling into the same repetitive, “nothing ever changes” cycle the comics that inspired it suffer from.

It’s going to get real spoilery in here. Go buy this game. Beat it. Explode into your Robin underoos. Come back and read this.

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Kyle and the Deathly Deadly Hallows

Is it weird this is how I imagine the Grim Reaper?

Death is not something I give a lot of serious thought to.  I’d imagine a lot of  us don’t until those dire times in our lives when the Grim Reaper rears his ugly head and comes at us on a personal level.  Sadly, I had a instance like this just this last week with the passing of my grandmother(from here on lovingly referred to as “Nan-naw”). She was 84 years old, an age I can’t even begin to imagine being  alive at and hope I get the opportunity to enjoy. She was a wonderful woman, and responsible for a lot of what makes my younger brother and I who we are. She endured and loved us even though we were not the most…reserved children. But she always had us pegged pretty well. Telling people we weren’t mean kids, just ornery. Which I think is still an accurate description of us today.  She was also a lot of fun. AND funny. Mostly because she had to be. She was the matriarch of a family jam packed with smart asses where if you aren’t being made fun of, you aren’t loved. Ultimately, she’s one of those rare people in your life that you’ll miss forever. And I truly will.

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The Internet’s Summed Up In This YouTube Comment

Gather round, children. There used to be an acclaimed show on television called All In The Family. It was the best. The main character, Archie Bunker was a loud, old-fashioned racist whose views were controversial yet contained a lot of feelings still present at the time. Imagine Sheldon from Big Bang Theory was a Tea Party member. Also imagine that the Tea Party movement had more clout. That is similar to how Archie Bunker was as a mouthpiece for a large section of people when it first aired. Despite being a racist and a crumb bum, he was a sympathetic character and the relationships within the entire cast were as tender and real as I’ve seen on a program. Again, it was the best. Later on, the series spun off into a new version where Archie ran a bar called Archie Bunker’s Place. It was in this series that his wife, the lovable and naive Edith, died of a stroke. It is a heartbreaking episode and some of the finest acting ever seen on the silver screen.

I watch that episode sometimes late at night when I feel like having a good cry. It’s so low budget and simple it’s akin to watching a televised play. It is, by all means, art. So of course, in the comments for a YouTube upload of the episode,  I would find the worst part of humanity. Here it is ladies and gentlemen, the worst part of the internet:

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Discussing Osama bin Laden’s Death with “Party In The USA”

Osama is dead. Probably. If you believe that sort of thing.

I had trouble watching cable news for the coverage. Matt and company thought watching Ninja Warrior was more important and it was a hard argument to convince them otherwise (you watch that and tell me that isn’t America winning).

So I turned to Miley, hoping that some of her sweet music would soothe my blood lust. There I found the most heated debate since Matt and I couldn’t agree on the difference between “nerd” and geek”. Here are some of the highlights from the comment war on Miley Cyrus’ “Party In The USA”

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A Sexy Dangerous Dance With Death: The Double Down

A question to ponder: Kentucky Fried Chicken’s founder/god Colonel Sanders was born in 1890, only 25 years after slavery was abolished. The man was born in my home state of Indiana and lived his life in Kentucky. Knowing nothing else about the man’s ethics or his personal views, one could assume that there is at least a CHANCE that Colonel Sanders felt discrimination towards black people based on the time and place he lived. Knowing this, how would Colonel Sanders feel today that his product is an associated stereotype with those he theoretically despised?


This has never been a fair stereotype to force on black people; everyone loves fried chicken. You can’t stick a race for liking something every single member of a species enjoys. You know what? I heard the Vietnamese really enjoy oxygen. That’s the new stereotype: whenever you meet a Vietnamese person, offer them a canister of oxygen usually reserved for the elderly. Perhaps you can give them a young sapling, as that also produces Oxygen.

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