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PG-13 Expendables Due to Language? Suck My D-ck.

Did you guys hear about how the Expendables 2 is going to be PG-13?

Did you hear about how it’s because Chuck Norris got his conservative panties in a bunch over the language?

This is genius. Whoever did this is so, so awesome.

Mr. Norris, on behalf of everyone, ever: Suck Our Dicks.

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Terry Crews finally sells me on “The Expendables”

It might be hard to do, but avert your eyes for a second away from Terry Crews’ dominant chest towards Drago’s disapproving face. In that last photo is a near perfect summary of the differences between two generations; Crews and Jason Statham versus Old Man Stallone and The Perfect Man. Yes, Lundgren smiles in Picture 3, but that’s merely a momentary lapse in his Universal Soldier training.