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2010 in Comics (UPDATED)

Now we come to the final list, and my last piece for the year 2010, a look back at comics.

These are going to be largely superhero centric as all the mature reader stuff I tend to read as trades and collections since they read a lot better like that, but I really enjoy the episodic, cliff-hanger nature of cape and cowl books.

I would remind you that my year-in-review list is probably the only one that has the A-Team and Black Swan highly recommended on it.

Having said that, Chew a book about a detective that can eat something and immediately know everything about it, where it was grown, how it died, who touched it, etc. The plot is him handling crimes in the seedy world of food investigation, and it is probably my favorite new book that I discovered this year, however I am reading it collected and not month to month, so I have no idea which parts of it came out during what year.

It’s a great book, with a distinct art style that everyone should be reading.

You're probably thinking, "how many pictures does Matt have of women lying on top of a pile of comics?" The answer is 'All of Them.'

Okay, now to the adolescent power fantasies.

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