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There and Back Again

Thanks to the internet I can watch anything. Everything ever captured on film is somewhere on the internet. I’d like to take a moment to thank God for letting me be born before the internet well and truly took off, because I said and did a lot, A LOT, of stupid shit as a kid. I’m grateful that all the times I was on fire remain in legend, and all my whiny poetry, mostly directed at girls who didn’t like me only plague the memories of the unfortunate souls who took a creative writing class with me.

Having said that, with the vast majority of human knowledge and expression represented by the web, it’s a little embarrassing what I use such an amazing tool for in my daily life. It’s worse than if I was some kind of monster searching for the darkest depravities of humankind or the depths of my own perversion.

I usually use the internet to look up stuff about movies and things I used to like as a kid.

Here’s what I found.

He Asian.

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Surprising no one: Billy the Blue Ranger is gay.

David Yost, mostly known as Billy the Original Blue Power Ranger, made some waves in the sea of nostalgia with a recent announcement that not only is the man gay, he left the show because of constant harassment for his sexuality.

Thanks David, for proving me wrong in about ninety arguments I had on the playground. Super happy you were able to overcome some serious inner turmoil, but twelve-year-old Chad is a little annoyed. I owe Ben Weiss two pouches of Big League Chew now. That crap grows in value with interest. Read the rest of this entry