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Your Comic Con Primer


As a self proclaimed nerd (obviously since I’m writing for NK) I am making the trip down to San Diego for Comic Con this year.  This is the fourth year I will be going, so I believe that makes me a bit of a Comic Con veteran.  If you don’t know what Comic Con is, I’m not going to take the time to explain it. And you should probably just go on living your life as a well adjusted human being, because I assure you that you’re better off.  But for those of you that care, let me share some of my wisdom from years past and give those of you who won’t be going a little insight into how awesome/horrifying Comic Con can be.

Just to start, Comic Con has changed significantly since it began in 1970.  But the most radical change has come in the last decade or so when the internet began to be so ingrained into our daily lives.  Now everything: movies, TV, video games, comics, EVERYTHING thrives on the buzz created on the web and the word of mouth of nerds.  And for a lot of these, it all starts with their appearance at Comic Con. Basically, Comic Con has become significantly less about the comics themselves and more about everything else that nerd culture loves.  For example, there was a large Guild panel before the Community panel last year. The Guild. The Guild is…awful. Just. Really terrible.  My point is, a sub par web series that had no business being there in the first place, held a panel in a HUGE ballroom. Guys, Felicia Day is super hot. But. Fuck off. What’s wrong with us? Read the rest of this entry


Dear Celebs: The Heroically Super Edition

Dear Wonder Woman Marketing Team.

Which one of you geniuses thought this was a good idea?

Turns out a hot girl in tight clothing doesn't just make everything okay.

You’ve made someone who’s supposed to be a warrior, diplomat, and in the TV series, a CEO look like she bought her costume off the rack of a Halloween store that specializes in “sexy costumes” (see also: whore). Read the rest of this entry

2010 in Review: TV

I realize Chad and I mostly use this space to write fart jokes, make fun of people even geekier than ourselves, and post Michael Bay fan-fiction, but with the end of the year looming, I’m slipping into auto-pilot mode and don’t really feel like coming up with original content.

Ironically writing up these lists will probably be the longest pieces I write, aside from whatever the fuck you call those short stories during Action Movie May.

Where my dawgz at?

I’m going to do a list of my favorite shows today, movies Tuesday, and if I feel like it, comics Thursday, but that’s up in the air as I’ll be back in Indiana and far from my pile of comics that came out in 2010.

That may just be a very Michael Bay Explosive New Year’s Eve.

As I said, up in the air.

Anyway, onward, to victory. Or lists, or whatever.

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There and Back Again: Part 2

And we’re right back to the well. Will today lead to another breakdown concerning the direction of my life and how I use my free time and energy?



The Show: Salute Your Shorts

The Basics: The continuing adventures of a group of kids at a summer camp. Each kid represents a classic teenage archetype: jock, rich, rebel, artist, smart, fat, and sensitive/audience POV character who was later swapped out for cool, snarky kid, and of course the counselor, Kevin Lee, known to one and all by his nickname, Ugg. The show also had one of the most memorable theme songs of all time.

How’d It Hold Up: Surprisingly well. Some of the themes of the episodes were a little on the nose, especially when seen through the eyes of a cynical 20-something, but the show rarely talked down to it’s audience, and hit most the familiar sitcom convention in new ways, largely due to the fact that everything happened at a camp.
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SAMCRO Forever

Fall is upon us and it’s my favorite season. It cools off, but isn’t cold, which as a big guy, let me tell you, is key to me being able to freely move about the planet without sweating like a mother fucker.

I like the crispness in the air, that little bite you feel when you breath in as deep as you can. I like the leaves changing colors, and how it’s time for bonfires and cider and all the awesome stuff that fall brings.

Then I moved to southern California whose only two seasons are fire and mudslides, but otherwise the weather stays the same, and specifically into the heart of Los Angeles where there really aren’t any trees that change colors or are gathered in large enough numbers to really be awesome.

Ah, Autumn in California.

I brought this on myself, and I accept that,  but that leaves me with really only one consolation for LA in the Fall; TV’s back!
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