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The Mass Effect 3 Thing pt 1: The Ending

What follows is less about the actual nuts and bolts of the ending regarding any sort of closure inside the Mass Effect Universe, or of the supposed insidious business practices of EA , but more about why the ending was used.

I'm coming back, Earth. And I'm bringing all the murder with me.

I will do my best to keep it spoiler-lite for Shepards still fighting the good fight, and less intensive for those of you who don’t care about Mass Effect, but I can make no promises.

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The Well’s That Dry: Recruiting Gamers for Service

For far too many years I had a misconstrued idea of what the Marines did. Thanks to their recruitment videos, I believed they were an elite paranormal group meant to tackle the things the military couldn’t. When a rogue president ghost attacks The White House, when squids become an interlocking hive mind, or when a man hijacks a modified bulldozer and destroys a town; that’s when the Marines are called in. What else was I to suspect when the recruitment commercial looked like this?

I really thought they simulated lava monsters as part of your training. I was 13. And the army wants to recruit gamers? That’s going to disappoint so many boys when they find out the army doesn’t use battle axes. Read the rest of this entry

“Yes, I made a game about Owl Battles.”

I’m still so happy that Legends of The Guardians: The Owls of Ga’hoole exists as a movie. It’s concept is so bizarre that it gives me hope that any movie can be made. My dreams of a documentary-style House of Leaves movie shot mostly in total darkness is possible.

What’s even more inspiring than Owl Helmets: An Analogy for The Holocaust the film? That there was a videogame made on it. There were men and a few women who spent years of their life saying “Yes, I am working on a game where you are an owl and you fight other owls”. Read the rest of this entry

Moments of Brilliance: Gamer

This first installment in what should be many, Moments of Brilliance will look at small slivers of entertainment that stand above the rest of the work it’s associated with.

Gamer has two good things going for it: the general concept and its dance/fight scene with antagonist Michael C. Hall.

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